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Upcoming Updates

Hey there!

We have exciting updates coming up with our next release of Impossible Solitaire. In the near future, we will have the following updates rolled out:

  • Undo feature
    • You’ll be able to undo your previous move in case you saw a better card placement!
  • No moves left alert
    • When the game finds that there are no moves left available, you will be alerted!
  • Custom backgrounds
    • You’ll be able to set a custom photo as the game’s background or as a custom back for the cards!
  • Leaderboards
    • See how your score and speed ranks with the rest of Impossible Solitaire users and your Facebook friends!

We’ve also received requests to provide more of a “reward” within the game, since winning is a rare occurrence :). We’re looking into ways to make it easier for the player to win, or maybe offering achievements of some kind. Our next post will focus on what we have in store next! We hope you continue to enjoy the game and sharing it with your friends!

Sincerely yours,

Impossible Solitaire Team

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