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The tutorial on the right includes images directly from the app with step-by-step instructions showing you how easy it is to learn and play!

If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask us by posting in our support forums, submitting a contact form, or contacting us directly via Facebook or Twitter. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

In the near future we will upload a video showing you how to play with a real deck of cards! Until then, however, we have written out the full instructions below with how to deal the cards, the objective of the game, and how to play.

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Dealing. Using two full decks of standard playing cards, shuffle well. Cards will be dealt in 8 columns of 2 rows (14 total tableau piles). The draw pile will have the only cards dealt face-down.

Any face-up cards that land in its own position (ex. placing a “2” on a “two” position) requires the next card to be immediately dealt to the draw pile. This is to be repeated for every occurrence. Additionally, every Ace dealt, regardless of position, requires two cards be dealt to the draw pile. If an Ace lands in its own position it will be a total of three cards. Contine until all cards have been dealt.

Objective. The objective of Impossible Solitaire is to move four Aces and four Kings of each suit to the foundation piles (two full decks of cards are being used). Like regular Solitaire, the foundations at the top will start with the Aces and be built on in ascending order until the King. In addition, the foundations at the bottom will start with Kings and be built on in descending order until the Ace. The game is won when all 8 foundations are complete.

Playing the Game. Top cards of the tableau piles are always available for play. Begin the game by first looking at the tableaus for any Aces or Kings that are showing. Drag any Aces to the top foundations and Kings to the bottom. Continue moving any playable cards to the foundations until there are no more available.

Each tableau is designated with a value based on it’s position. For instance, the first tableau is the “Ace” pile, the second is the “two” pile, and so on. Thus, the very last tableau is the “King” pile. The face down tableau in the middle of the second row is the draw pile.

Click the back of the draw pile to “pick up” a card. The number on the card corresponds to the tableau position. The card automatically places itself at the very bottom of the tableau, then the entire pile is picked up and displayed to the player. All cards in this tableau are now playable and able to be placed into any available foundations. They cannot be arranged into any other order.

Remember to continue referring to the other tableau piles in case any cards become playable. When no more cards are available in the drawn hand, click the draw pile again to pick up a new tableau. Continue until the draw pile is empty, or until all 8 foundations have been completed.