Question: Where did Impossible Solitaire originate?

Answer: We have no idea.

poker-686981Impossible Solitaire is a game that has been in my family for multiple generations. Although we’re not quite sure who created the original concept, we do know that it was taught to us by a close family-friend of my grandmother.

My grandmother on my father’s side played the game daily. She even had a dedicated, large, wooden board so that she could sit back on her chair and lay the cards on the board across her lap. She claimed to have won the game a handful of times in her many years of playing on a daily basis. Many other people eventually picked up the game as well, including my father, which is who I learned it from.

He owned a small business for 13+ years and almost every employee played the game on a regular basis. In fact, in the “ancient” days of computer programming, my father coded the game into the Commodore 64. Of course, it was less graphically intense compared to the version available today! Even after the computer version was no longer available, there was a double deck of playing cards below the counter specific for pulling out anytime business was slow.

And, being my parent’s business, I spent A LOT of time there. I definitely played my share of games and, seeing how everyone else played it, didn’t even realize it wasn’t a common card game until I was much older.

I, myself, have never won the game nor gotten very close to winning. My father has played to a point where he only had 2 cards remaining, but has never won, either. A couple of his employees claim to have won once or twice, but who knows if we should believe them?!

Years later, my fiance is an awesome software developer. My father suggested that he should learn how to program the game so we can play it on the computer again. Both Marco and I thought it was a great idea, but are also great at starting a million projects and not finishing any of them. Eventually, I finished all of the graphical assets and he finished the code so that the game was polished enough to publish as an app.

By the way, until Marco and I took a hold of it, it was just called “double solitaire” (due to being played with two full deck of cards). We decided an original name was necessary, since Double Solitaire is a game of Solitaire many people today already know how to play.

We have both come a long way in developing and designing for apps and the web, and look forward to adding a number of useful features to the game. We hope that everyone loves it as much as we do and find it to be a great casual card game that will stick with them for many years. Maybe we don’t know who created it, but with today’s technology we can share it with all our family and friends with the click of a button!

We greatly appreciate your interest in Impossible Solitaire and thank you for reading about the game’s journey!

– Rachel (a.k.a. “ReigningLove”)